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TITLE:                     No One Can Know

AUTHOR:               Adrienne LaCava

GENRE:                  Fiction, thriller/historical

ISBN:                       1491228067

PUBL. DATE:         October 3, 2013

PAGES:                     382

PRICE:                      $14.99 paperback, $5.99 eBook

PUBLISHER:            Summer Tree Press




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Adrienne LaCava, Author



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Summer Tree Press is the exclusive publishing imprint of my titles. Currently I use the production and distribution services of CreateSpace for paperback and KDP for eBook, both members of the Amazon group of companies.


7 Responses to “Media”

  1. Congratulations Adrienne! I’ve been dying to read your book for some time.

    • Myrna Loy Ashby says:

      Congratulations, Adrienne! The road has been long, you have been faithful, and the rest of us…friends, readers, and colleagues… are the better for your inspiring research and imagination.

  2. Bob Erickson says:

    Nice website, Adrienne. Back in 1973, I went to Moscow for a trade show. Like a dummy, I didn’t pack much to read except one forgettable novel which of course I had to read. It was a thinly disguised novel about the Kennedy assassination. The one thing I came away from it was that in all probability, the only way a president could be killed would be by one person acting along. With a group, there are too many pieces and parts that have to work in concert to actually accomplish their mission. One wacko playing outside the rules might be successful. Think about it. I will be getting your book soon. Bob.

    • admin says:

      Thank you for visiting my website, Bob! And thanks for buying NOCK. I really hope you enjoy it. The story is not about the assassination so much as the coverup, and harmful secrets in general. But with all my research about JFK’s murder, I did arrive at the personal conclusion there’s just no way we can ever know for sure. Hence the book’s title 🙂 I’ll mention that I’ve seen enough MISinformation planted, ongoing and strategic, to realize a coverup absolutely persists. Latest discoveries from the vault of files, IMHO, prove that Oswald could not have acted alone, nor did he fire a rifle that day. Yet, parallel to each reveal, a very convincing response from those who believe the truth must still be kept secret is released. We’ll debate it for centuries, and we should.

  3. Nina Flournoy says:

    No One Can Know is an excellent first novel. Your fascinating stories and characters made me rethink the events surrounding the Kennedy assassination. And your your vivid descriptions and compelling details took me back to the ’60s. Can’t wait to read the sequel. Congratulations!

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